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About the series

In total, 105 coins have been minted.  This is the breakdown of the coins:
Style Quantity Serial numbers
Satin gold, non-circulating (not available for purchase) 5 001-004, 008
Antique gold finish, trackable 20 100-120
Antique silver finish, trackable 20 121-140
Antique copper finish, trackable 60 141-200

The 5 satin gold coins are reserved for geoSquid and Keeper of Maps.  None of these coins are available for sale or for trade.

The remaining coins with the antique finishes were available on a first-come, first-served basis.  All of the coins have been sold and there are no plans to have a second production run.

(c) Gordon P. Dewis and P. Darin Cowan, 2006.  All rights reserved.