What's New? (as of 21 June 2006)

23 April 2006 The last three geocoins have been sold!  Thank you to all who purchased one!
22 April 2006 Replaced the pictures from the mint with higher resolution pictures of the coins.
20 April 2006 Added more information about ordering and delivery of coins to the availability information page.
19 April 2006 Added activation instructions.
18 April 2006 The coins are here and they look great!  New pictures will be posted shortly.
15 April 2006 Added availability information.
14 April 2006 Small updates to description of coins.
13 April 2006 Added pictures of copper coins.
12 April 2006 Added pictures of the coins.
07 April 2006 Added information about the coin series.
Added the "What's New?" tab.

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